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The Multi-Volt for Multiple Tools by Metabo HPT

Metabo HPT, formerly Hitachi Power Tools, is releasing a new battery line for their tools. Does Metabo HPT sound unfamiliar to you? What happened to Hitachi Power Tools? Why did they change the name?!

Don’t worry, Metabo HPT is a different name but the same company. The decision to change the name was to separate from the limits placed by Hitachi Ltd. and to run the power tools division that would benefit the customer. The name change made by KKR investment firm, who partnered with Hitachi Koki Co. was made public as of March 12, 2018.

To find out more about the name change and why, check out our article Metabo HPT is a familiar and trusted brand.

Change the Way You Work

Power is everything when it comes to tools. Without a reliable source of energy, it means long hours on a job and less money earned. You need batteries that can crank out power to get through any work you throw its way. A battery that won’t weigh you down when you have to work overhead and add more weight to your already heavy tools. Metabo HPT is not only meeting those expectations but giving you options to work your way.

Go cordless and have the power you need anywhere you need it without the worry of lacking energy. Metabo HPT is releasing their new Multi-Volt platform for their tools, and they are worth taking a look. Metabo HPT introduces the 36V and 18V Li-Ion Battery with backward compatibility. The latest update means you can use it in all existing 18V tools and all 36V Multi-tools. To make sure the battery won’t overpower the equipment or underperform, it will adjust its amp hour to fit the appropriate power of the device. The lightest one compared to other large competitors, weighing at only 2.1 lbs. You will hardly feel the battery in your equipment, which can be handy on long days and extended projects.

But if you don’t like batteries and prefer an old fashion plug, don’t worry Metabo HPT has thought of that too. Get unlimited runtime with the 36V Multi-Volt AC/DC Adapter and not worry about slowing down. The adapter has a cord that is 20 feet long, which means it can get to most places with ease. Works with all of your 36V Multi-Volt tools and will experience no power loss when used on a generator or extension cords.

In the age of battery operated tools, companies forget about corded tools and leave them behind. Metabo HPT acknowledges that some customers prefer this option. With corded tools, there is no need to worry about recharging their batteries and waiting. With a constant connection, get the job done at your pace, or until your body aches. That means less downtime for them which will get them to their next project quickly.

Battery, Battery & Charger, AC/DC Adapter

Tools That Can Use the New Platform

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Final Thoughts

Work your way with power that won’t compromise. Whether its battery powered or a plugged-in, stand sure that with this new Multi-Volt platform by Metabo HPT you can get all your work done under the sun.

Does this blog post have you charged with excitement? Keep up with our blog for the current news on Metabo HPT and other tool brands. Find out the coolest tools, the latest updates, and additional fantastic information. Be sure to go to Acme Tools for the latest deals for your trade and remember to Do Your Best Work!


  • Jim

    November 20, 2018 at 7:28 pm

    Will Metabo bring their battery powered tablesaw to the US market?
    If the answer is yes, will they offer the saw in a left tilting (tilts away from the fence) configuration, and will it accept readily available 5/8” arbor blades?

    • Acme Tools

      November 21, 2018 at 8:09 am

      Hi Jim, Thanks for your question. MetaboHPT has developed a cordless table saw for the US Market but they have not given us an exact release date, we were being told Early Mid 2019. We were able to see it and get our hands on it when we were at their National Product Event in October and it is a very capable and comfortable table saw that has its design based on the Hitachi C10RJ. It is a 10″ Saw that will be designed for use with blades having a 5/8″ arbor and it was a left tilt. Now here is the $1,000,000 disclaimer, all of this information is subject to change by MetaboHPT.

      Thank you,
      Acme Tools


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