Bosch’s Bright LED Bluetooth Work Light

Boschs new LED light integrates Bluetooth technology and will make illuminating your work site more accessible.

Going into a new job site, you never know if you’re going to have electricity and working lights. Even when you do, the light might not be bright enough or shine where you need to work. Bosch has innovated their already useful LED lights to make a better one for the user who needs a bright light without it being a blinding light.

Bosch has innovated with their GLI18V-1200CN 18V Connected LED Area Light with Bluetooth, to make working in an area that needs light more accessible. This LED tool has features to make your lighting situation less stressful, the device more durable, and be able to work a lot longer.

Duration Time?

Boasting about a bright light is great but if it only lasts an hour two on a single battery what’s the point. Glad to say that this 1,200-lumen LED light can get up to 10.6 hours on a Bosch 6.0 Ah battery. This battery gives you plenty of time to work a full eight-hour shift with plenty of time to spare.

For an even longer run time if you have the CORE18V 8.0 Ah battery this 1,200-lumen light can run up 17.3 hours on a single charge. That’s two eight-hour shifts without ever having to recharge your battery. Get as much work time as you need depending on your battery, but you’ll get a full day’s work no matter which one you choose.

How Sturdy?

Now, working at any site can mean you are going to be bumping things over by accident. That causes items to fall into water or getting covered in dust.

You don’t need a work light that can’t handle a knock to the ground or shorts out if it falls in water or gets covered in dust. The GLI18V-1200CN has an IP64 rated cover as well as a protective roll cage. Meaning that this LED light is durable enough to handle the hardest work days or the clumsiest of workers.

What’s New?

When you think of lighting what can you improve upon it? It’s a light, it shines, and it does its job. Well, that where Bosch thought of all the little inconveniences that happen to workers that makes them waste time or make it hard to work.

For instances, when you turn on a light in a dark rook and it’s so bright that you blinded for a few seconds or have to squint your eyes to see anything. Bosch developed a fade-in-function to help ease the brightness you need for your task without the blinding pain for your eyes.

The most significant feature that they have added to their LED light is Bluetooth connectivity. With the Bosch Toolbox App, you connect any mobile device to your LED and get the full range of the tool. Adjust the brightness remotely without having to leave your work area. Dim or brighten the space as you need for work. Put it on a timer and check the battery level on your device. That way you make sure you’re getting the optimal time out of the light. Finally, remotely turn it on or off when you’re leaving a room, coming back, or just calling it done for the day.

Final Thoughts

A light-weight LED that is durable is a great thing to have on any site. But to also have one with a remote control to adjust to fit your needs, that’s amazing. With a range of 100 ft. connect your tool no matter where you are on the job site. Check the battery and turn off the light when it’s not in use saving you on energy until its needed.

Illuminate your entire job site with this 1,200 Lumen light and be sure that no matter where you go or where your job takes you, you’ll have light to get your work done.

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