Work Stations For Your Miter Saw

When you’re on a job site cutting lumber for framing, you need to make sure that you cut precisely. A stationary miter saw is usually the right tool for this task. To get the most out of your tool, set it up on a stand designed to hold it in place securely.

Why Use A Miter Saw Stand?

Saw tables provide stability so you can work safely because they keep the tool from tipping over. They also allow you to make cuts from a comfortable height. Miter saw stands also usually have wide sides that allow you to use the saw as a base for measuring lumber when you’re not cutting. Miter saws are heavy, so many stands come with wheels for easy transport, saving you lots of effort.

What To Look For

You might be working in inclement weather conditions, so opt for either an aluminum model or one with powder coating to prevent rust. If you don’t have much space in your workshop, look for a miter saw stand that collapses for space-efficient storage. If your job site is inside a home or office that’s already finished, consider a stand with rubber-tipped feet that won’t damage delicate floors. Feed rollers let you push lumber down the cutting edge with less exertion. If you’re looking at a model made by a company that didn’t manufacture your saw, make sure the table has universal mounts.

Saw tables are the tool accessory that you didn’t know you needed. Setting one up in your shop or out in the field lets you work safely and get the job done sooner. We carry an extensive collection of miter saw stands from many different manufacturers, so you can pick the one that’s just right for your circumstances.

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