DEWALT® Announces 23Ga. 2 in. Pin Nailer

Contractors, Home Renovators, and DIYers are magicians when it comes to hiding nails from being seen. Sometimes it means using glue to get a job done, but other times when you want something to stay, you need an old fashion nail. For fine jobs and decorations, you do not want those nails showing or breaking the gentle fixtures, so that eliminates a lot of nail gauges. With DeWalt’s new 23Ga. Pin Nailer you can get the hold you need with minimal nail visibility.

Who is it for?

While other models can be exhausting on your arm, shoulder, or hip. Weighing at only 2.5 lbs. the DWFP2350K 23Ga. Pin Nailer can be carried in your hand, or on your belt with little strain. Perfect for long jobs where setting and securing multiple moldings and/or returns for clients.

Have It Fit Your Needs

Setting anything with a nail can be tricky. You do not want to have to little power, or the nailhead will hover on top of the material. Too hard and the nail goes straight through the material and into the wall, not securing anything. So having the ability to adjust the power and depth just right, is crucial. The DWFP2350K can set 5/8-in. to 2-in. nails in oak and can also switch between 70 to 100 PSI. Giving you control to a major degree, where you can determine how close and how much power you need.



Protect your project and yourself.

No matter how magical a tool is, safety is always required. That is why the Pin Nailer comes with a dual trigger to prevent accidental discharge when handling the tool. Not only that, but the nailer has features to avoid damaging your project while keeping you efficient. A low nail lockout system indicates when it is time to reload your tool. This indication can potentially save you from marking up your work when you do not realize the nails are out.

For a seasoned pro you might find this annoying, but no need to worry as you can bypass the mechanism. That way you can drive any remaining nails left in the magazine. But every once in a while even pros mess up and a nail gets jammed in the gun. DeWalt has thought of that common problem and has implemented a toolless system for easy removal. No more scrounging around your bag for another tool to wedge out the nail. Save time on the job and afterward, you can store your tool safely.


Final Thoughts

A perfect tool for carpenters, cabinet makers, remodelers, furniture builders, general contractors, or DIYers, to finish a job. Get a professional look every time on your work with less stress, less hassle, and less weight. Being safe and efficient isn’t magic, but the DeWalt 23Ga. Pin Nailer is as close as you will get to a magic wand.


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