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How To Select the Right Pump For Your Task-At-Hand

Types Of Pumps The power source for pumps vary, but they all perform the same function; that is, to move liquid from one place to another. There are solar powered pumps available, and many use electrical motors. Hand operated pumps are useful in many situations as well. If you do not get water from municipal sources, but have a well…

Occidental Leather Tool Belt

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How to Size Your Occidental Leather Tool Belt

How To Choose A Tool Belt Size If you are considering buying your first Occidental Leather Tool Belt System or replacing an old friend that has been with you for years you may need to resize the tool belt. Here is how it can easily be done. Place your existing tool belt in a straight line and measure from the…

best honda lawnmower

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Get Your Yard Ready for Spring With Honda Equipment

Spring will be here again before you know it and with it the joys of maintaining landscaping and gardens. Whether you make your living in the yard or just love to keep your own slice of outdoors pristine, Honda outdoor power equipment makes a huge difference in how easily you get through your work. Find the best Honda lawnmower for your…

8 Weekend Projects to Unify Your Family and Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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8 Weekend Projects To Unify Your Family and Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

8 Home Improvement Projects For Families Summer is a wonderful time of wander and family togetherness for many children across America. This is their season to grow and learn without the formalities of a classroom full of desks. We understand that many homeowners take advantage of the nice summer weather to teach their children the value of nature and to…

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How to Extend the Life of Your Bench Tools

While it’s always exciting to buy new woodworking bench tools, it’s just as exciting to see your favorite tools still functioning after years of regular usage. You get to know them inside and out. There are a few commonly overlooked ways to extend the life of your bench tools, and their simplicity might surprise you. Do them consistently, and your tools…


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3 Must Have Starter Tools For Your New Wood Shop

Starter Tools For Woodworkers Considering the number of power tools and hand tools available today, selecting a set of starter woodworking tools can be a challenging task. When equipping your workshop, consider the projects you’ll be taking on, your personal skill level and your available space. The best starter tool set will help you tackle the cutting, shaping and finishing…

Table Saw

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10 Ways to Get the Most from Your Table Saw

Near the center of most wood shops you’ll find a table saw, and for good reason. This essential machine performs many tasks such as ripping boards to width or sawing on-the-money miters, bevels, and joints. With the right jigs a table saw can help you cut tapers, raise door panels, or even carve out wide coves in crown moldings. To…

Kitchen Cabinets

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How To Install New Cabinets in Your Home Remodel

When you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, choosing cabinet designs that work with your current layout and installing them can help improve the appearance of the room and provide you with additional storage space. If you want to install your own cabinets, you can do so with the right tools, tips and a little effort. They…

Choosing between a bagged or bagless vacuum.

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Should I Buy a Bagged or Bagless Vacuum?

There are many things to consider when purchasing a new upright vacuum. There are different sizes, different styles, and different prices. Before you consider any of those things, begin with if you want a bagged or bagless vacuum. Ever since bagless vacuums have come along, there has been an intense debate as to which is better. Both sides have their…

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Sump Pump Basics 101: New Home Owner

Never owned a sump pump before? Never learned how it works? Acme Tools is here to help with the necessary information on this machine. We go over how it works, how to maintain it, and even how to buy one. Winter is ending, and the spring thaw is about to begin. That’s terrific news as now you can get out…