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new milwaukee tool west bend production plant

Milwaukee PIPELINE Lawn & Garden Tools

Whether you live in a state where grass grows all year long or if your grass gets covered in feet of snow, Milwaukee Tools has expanded its Lawn & Garden Tools to include both the M18 FUEL lineup and M12 Tools. Milwaukee Tools has been practicing its motto of Disruptive Innovation and has succeeded over…

Large deck attached to a house in the mountains

Choosing the Best Deck Material

Fall is a good time to tackle that summer project you’ve been putting off all season, building a deck. Whether you’re building a new deck from scratch, expanding a current deck, or looking for a change in your current deck, the first step is choosing a deck material.  There are several varieties of decking to…

A man wearing a brown Milwaukee Heavy Duty Sherpa-Lined Vest stacks wood.

Milwaukee Unveils Fall Workwear

We’re approaching fall, and temperatures will start falling soon before we enter the frigid winter months. There is still work to be done as harvest begins for farmers, and construction workers burn the midnight oil to finish summer projects. In order to keep warm while still staying efficient Milwaukee has you covered with their new…

A string trimmer cutting through heavier brush.

Best String Trimmers of 2022

You’ve just mowed your lawn, and it looks beautiful. The sun has been beating down on you for hours, and you’re sipping a cold glass of lemonade, looking over your hard work. The grass is at a perfect uniform height that would make your neighbors jealous. The only problem is you aren’t done yet. It’s…

A worker wearing a Milwaukee Vented Type-1 Hard Hat prepares to climb a ladder.

Milwaukee Releases New BOLT Hard Hats

Milwaukee recently unveiled the latest addition to their personal protective equipment solutions with new 6-point and an updated 4-point suspension style hard hats. The new hard hats are all about comfort, creating a better user experience that makes you forget you’re even wearing the head protection. Each new hard hat is compatible with the BOLT…

A crack repaired with caulk on a flight of stairs.

How to Fix Concrete Cracks

Cracks in your concrete garage, walkway, or other concrete surfaces are not only a tripping hazard but can inherently compromise your home’s curb appeal. These imperfections can also make your garage more vulnerable to external effects, reduce its mechanical resistance, and accelerate the structure’s aging process. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix concrete cracks to keep…

Caulk is applied to a window with a caulk gun.

Caulking Gun Buying Guide

If you’re a homeowner, a caulk gun is one of those tools you’ll eventually need. It’s surprising how often you’ll use it throughout the lifetime of your home. Whether you need it to seal a new bathtub or fix a drafty window, the list of tasks around the house that require a caulk gun is…

A phone charges wirelessly on the Festool Mobile Phone Charger.

Festool Releases Mobile Phone Charger

Phone battery life is a constant struggle and even more of a hassle on the jobsite where there aren’t a lot of options to recharge. You no longer have to worry about running out of juice on your smartphone while taking calls during work. Festool is looking to keep you connected while out on the…

A tent and chairs sit near a fire at a campsite.

Essential Packing Items for the Lake

Getting all your essential items together for a lake home can feel like an uphill battle that you’ll never win. You have enough trouble outfitting your everyday home, but now you have to ensure your lake house has the basics such as towels, clothes, furniture, etc. The issue lies with the uncommon items you may…