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For The Family

Are You Afraid of Falling?

Scared of Heights?! The Werner Podium Ladder is Here to Help. When people work above ground on a ladder I’m scared for them. Slipping off the ladder, that feeling of vertigo, and falling from so high. I get shivers down my spine just thinking about it. Then I found out about the Werner podium ladder….

Etch Glass with a Dremel

Did you know that your Dremel rotary tool can etch glass? Pretty cool, huh! If you’re in need of a personalized gift or just want to give your glassware a unique flare but not sure how, then you have come to the right place! Here are all the steps you’ll need to customize glassware. Dremel…

hi-vis clothing

Hi-Vis Safety Clothing Is Not Just For The Highway

Why Hi-Vis Safety Clothing has Value for EVERYONE and not just workers. Every 15 hours. That’s how often a fatality occurred in work zone crashes in 2013, according to the Federal Highway Administration. And it’s no wonder, given that with cellphones, kids, makeup, newspapers, etc., today’s drivers are more distracted now than ever before. Who…


Yeti Can Improve Your Big Game Experience

Yeti Products Every red blooded sports fanatic in the world is going to be tuning into Fox on Sunday, February 5, 2017 for complete Big Game coverage. Most of them already know how they’re going to step up their party game. So have you considered what you’re going to do to make this year’s big game…

Grill Maintenance Tips

Autumn has officially arrived, and winter isn’t too far behind. Along with preparing your home for the changes in weather, your grill needs a little extra TLC as well. Whether you’re a year-round outdoor chef or you plan on storing your grill during winter, here are a few grill maintenance tips that will help you…

Milwaukee cordless tool

Pumpkin Carving With Milwaukee M12 Cordless Tools

Pumpkin Carving Tools Pumpkin carving is something many people look forward to each October. Carving a pumpkin into a fun, wacky or scary face lets you embrace your creative side. However, doing so with nothing more than a kitchen knife can make this task a tough job. The right Milwaukee® power tools can make it…

How To Make Halloween Decor Using Milwaukee Tools

DIY Pumpkins And Ghosts For these Halloween decorations we made (3) 4×4 Ghosts and (3) 4×4 Pumpkins that can be used anywhere around your home without taking up a lot of room and with these simple steps they are quick and easy to make. During our build we had the luxury of using Milwaukee M18 Cordless…

Halloween Cemetery Fence

How To Make A Halloween Cemetery Fence

DIY Halloween Cemetery Fence Decorating for Halloween can be a fun family event. Increase your yard’s spook appeal with this lightweight Cemetery Fence which also keeps the neighborhood kids off your grass. For this build we were blessed by Milwaukee Tools and they gave us free reign of their tools. The Milwaukee Cordless Tools we used…