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Best Snow Blowers of 2019 Acme Tools

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The Best Snow Blowers of 2020

Snowfall is guaranteed in the winter season, and if left unattended, it gets hazardous. In order to prevent danger, snow blowers help you quickly and effortlessly remove nearly any amount of snow. However, knowing what type of snow blower your lot requires can be tricky. So we’ve done the leg work for you by compiling a list of Acme’s best…

Person using a gas snowblower to clear a path to their street

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How To Choose the Best Snow Blower

5 Easy Steps to Finding the Best Snow Blower Buying a snow blower can be confusing, but we’ve complied some quick tips and facts to help you buy the best snow blower for you. Alright, lets get started. To begin there are a few important factors to consider: How much snow do you typically get at once? How much area are…

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Everything You Need to Know About Heated Jackets

Get Geared Up For Winter Work With a Heated Jacket Are you ready for winter? The Midwest is notorious for horrible winters, and whether you work inside or outside, you always feel the chill. You try your best to stay warm, layer up and put on a thick jacket or coat before you leave. Then the moment you step out…

Makita cordless drill being used with a socket to level a washing machine

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Everything You Need to Know About Cordless Drills

You just bought your first cordless drill. Now what? A whole new world awaits you! The cordless drill is one of the most versatile power tools around. It can drill holes, drive screws, sand, stir paint, and on and on and on. What’s more, it’s a cinch to use if you have a good understanding of the basics. What Do…

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Getting To Know: iQ Power Tools

History of iQ Power Tools iQ Power Tools was a company that was founded out of necessity and thrives today by providing health and safety solutions for the construction industry. Who is iQ Power Tools? The founder of the iQ Power Tools (iQ) company is Joel Guth, a third-generation mason and contractor. He found inspiration after looking out at his…

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Everything You Need to Know About Irwin Tools

Irwin Tools History The Irwin Tools blue and yellow that you know today, has a long history of end user obsession and innovation that dates back to 1828 with the Marples® Chisel brand.  But, what most users associate Irwin Tool’s history with is the Irwin auger bit that was invented in 1884, then given to Charles Irwin as a form…

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11 Reasons You Should Buy A MBW Plate Compactor Now

We’ve complied 11 reasons you’re going to want to have a MBW plate compactor: 1)  Large eccentric weight provides high amplitude, impact energy and travel speed 2)  Low eccentric frequency offers longer life to bearings and components 3)  Stress relieved steel plate housings are crack resistant and provide long wear 4)  Aluminum exciter housing with cooling fins dissipates heat rapidly for…

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Getting to Know: SawStop

What is the history of SawStop? In 1999, Dr. Steve Gass posed a question: What if you could stop a saw blade and prevent a serious injury? 60 days later, Dr. Gass had built his first prototype. Five years later, in 2004, the first SawStop Table Saw was sold. Today, SawStop table saws are protecting nearly 100,000 woodworkers in North…

Miter Saw

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Everything you Need to Know About Miter Saws and Getting the Perfect Cut

Choose the miter saw that’s best for you, then get clean, on-the-money results using these tips and techniques. Miter saws help you do a lot more than simply cut boards to length. With one you can make clean and accurate angle cuts past 45°, making them the perfect tool for cutting miters in everything from interior trim to picture frames…

Clearing snow with a snow blower

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How to Choose Snow Removal Equipment

If you live or work in a climate that regularly experiences snowfall, you need to make sure that you have the best snow removal equipment and snow blowers that you can find. The ability to clear snow from walkways, roads and other spaces lets you work without hindrance or make it to the store for vital supplies. Keep reading to see…