Getting To Know: iQ Power Tools

History of iQ Power Tools

iQ Power Tools was a company that was founded out of necessity and thrives today by providing health and safety solutions for the construction industry.

Who is iQ Power Tools?

Joel Gulth Founder of iQ Power Tools

The founder of the iQ Power Tools (iQ) company is Joel Guth, a third-generation mason and contractor. He found inspiration after looking out at his team one day on a job site and noticed a problem: inefficiency. When it came time to cut blocks for a job, he noticed that his crew would have a process that was inefficient. They would have to carry a block to a saw that was off-site, wait in a line to use the saw, cut their block and then walk back to the job site. The process repeated several times a day, was a waste of time, and exhausting the workers.

Solving a Dusty Problem

To solve this inefficient problem, he looked for a saw that was portable and light. Unfortunately, that product did not exist in the market, so Joel decided to build one. He created what would be the first purpose-built dry cut masonry saw, and it was a game changer. With his new tool, he finished jobs in record time but with one solution arose another problem. While cutting their material, dust would accumulate. Workers referred to it as “The Dust Cloud” and it became a regular occurrence on projects everywhere.

One project at Chino Hills High School brought to light the danger this problem held. While using the saw they created, the dust cloud spread to a neighboring middle school, where it was aggravating the condition of an asthmatic girl. With that, the project stopped immediately. Joel sought out a solution and enlisted his brother, Paul Guth, for help on the matter.

Joel wanted to find a dust collections system solution that could effectively do the job. After researching different filter systems and using their experiences in dusty environments, they settled on a high-flow diesel truck filter. Within the next few weeks, they completed an original vacuum and filter system that effectively contained dust for a masonry saw.

Continuing with the Chino Hills High School project, with the dust issue was resolved, Joel wanted to manufacture more of these systems. They asked a manufacturer to build it for them, and in return, Joel would buy the first ten systems. The company did not see the demand for a tool like this and declined to manufacture it. Even with that disappointment, Joel continued to use his invention on more projects. Joel and his brother Paul continued to analyze what they did and did not like about the system.

OSHA takes notice of silica

Silica dust collected from an iQ saw

During this time, OSHA started to focus on the dust issue produced from dry cutting. Silica dust garnered attention, and Joel Guth took notice. Going to seminars and learning more about the dust, he learned how harmful this silica was to his crew and grew more determined to create a masonry saw that would capture the harmful dust. Joel knew a change must take place and it became apparent they needed a line of tools to make it happen.

Starting a company

Joel and Paul showcasing the iQMS362 Masonry Saw

This revelation led to the creation of a new company call Industrial Manufacturing. He leased space adjacent to his construction office, hired a staff and brought his brother Paul on to develop the new products. Together they created the Jack Vac product line, the first masonry saw with integrated vacuum and filter system with dust containment. They sold their first unit at a tradeshow and over the next few years developed new tools.

Becoming clear that other facets of the construction industry would benefit from this dust collection technology, it was time to rebrand. From Masonry Tec Products, Inc. to iQ Power Tools, with a continued focus on making the best product for dust collection systems for masonry, hardscape, and tile. Educating the industry on the dangers of silica is an essential part of iQ’s focus. The company wants to build tools that save lives and encourage everyone to take action.

What is iQ about?

iQ is a company that cares about its workers, and if you are a person who uses a mason saw you are one of their workers. They strive to be up to date with OSHA regulations and make sure that anyone using their product will be safe and live to be healthy. A brand to trust and a brand to look out for is iQ.

First iQ Product Offered

The first product made by iQ was their iQ 2000. The iQ 2000 is a vacuum system that would connect to a 20″ saw and provide an efficient tool for dust collection.

Best Known iQ Product


As of writing this, their best-known product is their newest iQMS362 dust control masonry saw. It can cut brick, pavers, stone, and veneer 40% faster than other saws in its class while capturing up to 99.5% of hazardous silica dust.

How Are iQ Products Better Than the Competition?

Compared to other masonry saws, this is the first and only one that doesn’t use water and has a fully integrated vacuum system, filter system, and dust containment. With other saws using water, it causes more time to set-up. iQ saws use a vacuum system that collects up to 99.5% of silica dust produced while cutting.

Who Needs iQ Power Tools?

iQ’s primary customer is anyone who handles in masonry, hardscape, and tile. iQ’s mission is to prevent the exposure of silica dust.

Where are iQ Power Tools Made?

All made in the US, except the iQMS362 and iQTS244 which are made in Taiwan.

What is the iQ Warranty Policy?

All products are under a one year warranty, except the iQPC912 which has a 90-day warranty.

How Do I Get Warranty Service?

When within or out of warranty you will have to go your local distributor and file a claim with them. From there, you will have to provide information on what happened to the tool and possibly images. Make sure to mail in your warranty card provided in the box at the time of purchase as soon as possible.

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