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Manure is worked into a garden as an organic compost.

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Prepping Your Garden Soil in the Fall

Garden prep is a favorite activity for many gardeners in the fall. Many of them can’t wait to turn the fresh soil. As a gardening enthusiast, the prepping you do in the fall will go a long way to ensure a smooth start to the coming growing season. Furthermore, working the garden soil in the fall can be a pleasant…

A worker applies a bandage from the Milwaukee PACKOUT 76-Piece First Aid Kit.

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2 New Milwaukee PACKOUT First Aid Kits

Milwaukee has added another tool to their PACKOUT system with the release of two new PACKOUT First Aid Kits. The 204-piece Class B type III Kit and the Class A Type II Kit come loaded with first aid essentials to remedy the most common injuries that occur on the jobsite. Each kit is certified to the ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 Standard, the…

A homeowner uses Bosch Colt Variable-Speed Palm Router on the edges of their deck.

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Make Your Job Easier with Labor Day Sales

We value your hard work and want to reward that with Labor Day savings. Shop Labor Day deals from DEWALT, Milwaukee, Bosch, and other trusted brands at Acme Tools. Here’s a small sample of sale products that’ll make your job a little easier. GEARWRENCH Ratchet Set Are you having trouble with a stubborn fastener? The 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch drive 90…

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Picking PACKOUT Pieces before Putting them in your Cart?

When it comes to shopping online, getting everything you need the first time can be difficult. When it comes to picking out pieces for a Milwaukee PACKOUT System, it’s even harder. Starting with the base is easy and stacking the next component in one’s head on top is clear to see. But after adding more that’s where it can get…

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Milwaukee Introduces First Cordless Pipe Threader

Threading pipe is a job necessity, but the tools to do so are big and bulky. Milwaukee is proud to show the first ever Cordless Pipe Threader, and changing the way trades professionals work. Threading pipe is one of the crucial tasks that need to be done when setting up pipes. Before the cordless threader, it was done by hand…

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How to Use Your New Router

You’ve just upped your game! Having this tool often separates a woodworker from the casual DIYer. Now, you can be putting wonderful edge profiles on all your work. And, that’s just the start! A router will enable you to also complete an array of woodworking feats from joinery to duplicating parts. Read on to learn the popular uses as well…

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12 Tools You Need To Make Your Own NASCAR-Style Pit Stop

It’s race day! The drivers are zooming around the track at breakneck speed. Most of us would pass out just from the G-forces throwing them around in the corners. And yet, one of the fastest and most hectic parts of the entire event isn’t even on the main track: it’s on pit road. Pit crews have to change all the…

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Milwaukee STUD Tape Measure, A First Look

How does one measure a tape? By its length? By its durability? Its versatility? Why not all of the above? Introducing the all new Milwaukee STUD tape. Designed for maximum durability, these new tapes can take a walloping and keep right on chugging. Caught On Tape “This year we are taking durability to the next level and addressing the most…

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New DeWalt Grinder: First Corded Angle Grinder

A New Angle On The Corded Grinder DeWalt Grinders, especially electric angle grinders, are brutally efficient tools, but their basic design hasn’t changed a whole lot since their invention. While cordless grinders have seen vast improvements over the past decade, with the introduction of Lithium-Ion batteries and brushless motors, they have not shared any of their new tech with their…