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Circular Saw

New Milwaukee Circular Saw Kit 2732-21HD

A New Circular Saw On The Side Cordless circular saws have been slowly taking over the market in the last few years but continually run into the same problem time after time: they don’t have the same power as corded options.  Enter the new M18 FUEL circular saw: the power and speed of a cordless…

Milwaukee Tools’ New All Purpose Circular Saw Blades

Cuts Like a Laser, But Cool to the Touch A weird sentence to perfectly describe the new blades by Milwaukee. These blades are made from 100 percent steel, cut right from the sheet. This method and material ensure a stable blade with increased accuracy. Each blade as well has polymer-filled vibration slots to help minimize…

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Skilsaw SPT79A-10 Medusaw Walk Behind Concrete Saw Preview

A walk behind worm drive concrete saw? Now that’s not something you hear every day. That’s because Skilsaw’s new Medusaw walk behind worm drive concrete saw (SPT79A-10) is the only walk behind worm drive concrete saw on the market! Pretty cool, huh? We agree. Same Great Saw, New Walk Behind Design Skilsaw Medusaw Concrete Saw…

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Metal-Cutting Circular Saw Review

Finish you plumbing jobs with the Milwaukee 2782-20 M18 FUEL metal-cutting circular saw. Get just the right length for pipes anywhere on the jobsite thanks to the portable Milwaukee cordless metal-cutting circular saw. Brushless Motor = Great Performance This tool has a POWERSTATE™ brushless motor that has fewer moving parts than traditional designs, which makes…

profile image milwaukee circular saw left blade

Types of Circular Saws?

Sidewinders? Worm Drives? Hypoids? Oh my! No, this is not a zoology lesson! It’s an examination of circular saw types so you can decide what’s best for you. What is a Sidewinder or In-Line Circular Saw. It’s the most common type, especially in the eastern part of the United States. The sidewinder’s motor is mounted…