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dewalt flexvolt

Boost Your Performance With DeWalt’s FLEXVOLT Tools

 DeWaltT FLEXVOLT™ technology delivers the cutting and grinding power of a cord with the flexibility and lightweight convenience of cordless maneuvering. The unique battery for these tools offers plenty of run time while supporting top-of-the-line speeds and material conservation. Tools with such power and portability run best with accessories that can handle their unique system….

DeWalt 20V MAX* Green Rotary Tough Laser Tool Torture

When DeWalt made the announcement about their new green beam cordless laser we were very interested.  When we saw that they named it a “Tough” laser we had to look for ourselves.  To be labeled as a tough laser it must be able to take what a normal construction crew would do to their laser…

Contractor using a Dewalt drill and a Made in the USA sticker

DeWalt Tools are Made in the USA

How Many DeWalt Products Are Made in the USA? At the time of writing this blog post DeWalt is making 32 different hand tools, 48 power tools, and 562 types of accessories in the United States with domestic and global materials.  The most popular power tool made in the USA is the 20V MAX Lithium…

DeWalt DCD460B FLEXVOLT VSR Joist Drill Review

Set up your project for conduit, wire, pipes and more with the DeWalt’s VST joint drill. It has a powerful E-Clutch® that senses binding and adjusts the torque so you can keep working. This cordless stud and joist drill is part of the revolutionary FLEXVOLT™ battery line that gives you portable convenience with power comparable…

DeWalt FLEXVOLT™ Reciprocating Saw Review

This DeWalt FLEXVOLT cordless recip saw can make up to 158 cuts in 2 x 4 lumber on a single charge and delivers the power you expect from corded units with the portability of a battery-operated tool. The 60V MAX* Brushless Recip Saw (2 Batteries) includes a fast charger, a pair of batteries, a blade…

DeWalt FLEXVOLT™ Circular Saw Review

The revolutionary tool is from DeWalt’s revolutionary tool line, FLEXVOLT. It has a brushless motor that eliminates several moving parts for an extended operational life with less maintenance and makes up to 339 cuts on a single charge, making it more the capable of delivering the power you need to cut through the toughest wood. This…

DeWalt FLEXVOLT DCS7485T1 Table Saw Review

This DeWalt portable table saw uses powerful FLEXVOLT battery technology to bring versatile cutting power to almost any job site. Cutting sheet materials, such as OSB and plywood, and ripping stock are familiar tasks to any DIY enthusiast or construction professional, and the DeWalt 60V MAX* 8-1/4-inch Table Saw Kit handles these jobs almost anywhere….

DeWalt FLEXVOLT Miter Saw Review

Tackle challenging miter joinery and make bevel cuts in thick stock with this DeWalt compound miter saw, which uses powerful FLEXVOLT battery technology. Performing accurate angled cuts is an important part of any woodworking project, and the FLEXVOLT 12-inch 120V MAX* Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw makes it easy to handle these jobs in your…

DeWalt FLEXVOLT Portable Power Station

No noise. No fumes. No gas. Just pure portable power! The battery-powered DEWALT Portable Power Station brings a whopping 1800 watts to remote locations. We found that the unit is perfect for providing AC power to most corded tools at the jobsite, particularly when there are noise restrictions.  And without the need for gas to…

DeWalt Miter Saw FLEXVOLT

DeWalt FLEXVOLT Miter Saw Real-World Test

Corded or Uncorded: You Choose.  DeWalt’s 120 Volt Max 12” Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DHS790) can run either corded or cordless. Talk about flexibility and convenience! The key is its FLEXVOLT battery system. Two 60 volt FLEXVOLT batteries power the Miter Saw with 120 volts when it’s not plugged in. Users can expect unlimited run time with…