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DeWalt Unveils Cordless FLEXVOLT System

On June 21, 2016, DeWalt launched the FLEXVOLT System in spectacular fashion. Members from the media and other VIP guests were bused to a top-secret airport hangar outside Baltimore where DeWalt introduced the world’s first battery that automatically changes voltage when the user changes tools. What’s more, it was shown that this new technology is…

Voltage Differences In Cordless Tools

You may be a craftsman with questions about the batteries you use every day. You know there are several voltage differences in cordless tools, but may not fully understand the details. Here is a discussion from DEWALT about battery basics. Consider the differences between types of batteries and what to look for when you’re buying…

Heated Gear

How To Keep Warm on the Jobsite

Your clients expect the job to get done despite various weather conditions. It’s critical to keep you and your crew warm enough in the cold season. More than just comfort, proper heating keeps muscles loose so workers can complete their tasks quickly and with better results. It also helps to prevent hypothermia and other health…