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A man organizes boxes in his garage.

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

Your garage may seem like a really big space. But that large space fills up quickly after a car or two, bikes, rolling tool boxes, workbenches, outdoor power equipment, and more. An easy solution is taking advantage of all the space above your head with some overhead garage storage. Your ceiling is too often forgotten…

Different types of insulation sit on top of blueprints

How to Insulate Your Entire Garage

The garage is just a space for many to park their cars and store tools. They don’t view it as an area with so much potential. A garage can be a workspace, somewhere to host guests, or a place to just hang out it and watch a game. Your garage should feel like an extension…

A squeegee is used to spread epoxy on a garage floor.

How to Epoxy a Garage Floor

There are many ways to improve the look and function of your garage floor, but adding epoxy coating is considered the most effective strategy. Whether you want to seal your concrete surface or refurbish worn-out flooring, epoxy floor coating can completely change the appeal of your garage while fortifying the flooring. Moreover, epoxy is well…

An organized workbench in a garage.

Top 6 Garage Improvement Ideas

According to a recent survey by the National Association of Professional Organizers, 54 percent of Americans acknowledged that the garage was the most cluttered area of their homes. Surprisingly, 78% of these homeowners had no clue what to do with the situation, so they let the mess build up. A garage plays an essential function…

A garage organized with different tool storage systems.

Garage Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Is your garage piling up with tools, materials, and other things, that you can’t find anything? Maybe it’s time to get organized. You want to clean and organize your garage this year, but you know standard bins and labels won’t do. There are plenty of ways you can go about organizing your garage: overhead storage,…

How To Choose A Workshop Heater

The sun shines a little less every day, and temperatures are starting to drop. Leaves begin showing brilliant reds and yellows, before losing their grip on tree branches and plummeting down to their final resting place on the ground. Summer is preparing for hibernation, while Old Man Winter is starting to wake up. Nature is…

Building a Van Bed With Crafted Workshop

 Have you ever wanted to go out and take a road trip without having to get a hotel? How about camping without having to bring a tent? What if you’re just tired of being tied down to leases and not being able to move when you want? In collaboration with Johnny Brooke from Crafted…

12 Tools You Need To Make Your Own NASCAR-Style Pit Stop

It’s race day! The drivers are zooming around the track at breakneck speed. Most of us would pass out just from the G-forces throwing them around in the corners. And yet, one of the fastest and most hectic parts of the entire event isn’t even on the main track: it’s on pit road. Pit crews…

How To Make A French Cleat Storage Solution

The French cleat is a tried-and-true method of hanging a cabinet securely on a wall. Now, here’s how you can use this technique to build a highly customizable storage system for your garage. Not only is it simple to build, but once up on the wall, this system is flexible enough to be quickly rearranged…

Kitchen Cabinets

How To Install New Cabinets in Your Home Remodel

When you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, choosing cabinet designs that work with your current layout and installing them can help improve the room’s appearance and provide additional storage space. If you want to install your own cabinets, you can do so with the right tools, tips, and a little effort….