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Milwaukee cordless tool

Pumpkin Carving With Milwaukee M12 Cordless Tools

Pumpkin Carving Tools Pumpkin carving is something many people look forward to each October. Carving a pumpkin into a fun, wacky or scary face lets you embrace your creative side. However, doing so with nothing more than a kitchen knife can make this task a tough job. The right Milwaukee® power tools can make it…

How To Make Halloween Decor Using Milwaukee Tools

DIY Pumpkins And Ghosts For these Halloween decorations we made (3) 4×4 Ghosts and (3) 4×4 Pumpkins that can be used anywhere around your home without taking up a lot of room and with these simple steps they are quick and easy to make. During our build we had the luxury of using Milwaukee M18 Cordless…

Halloween Cemetery Fence

How To Make A Halloween Cemetery Fence

DIY Halloween Cemetery Fence Decorating for Halloween can be a fun family event. Increase your yard’s spook appeal with this lightweight Cemetery Fence which also keeps the neighborhood kids off your grass. For this build we were blessed by Milwaukee Tools and they gave us free reign of their tools. The Milwaukee Cordless Tools we used…

How To Make A Halloween Coffin Lid

DIY Halloween Coffin Lid Decorating for Halloween has become a popular past-time when the leaves begin to change colors. We have created an old fashioned coffin lid for you to add to your indoor or outdoor decorations. This build leaves some decisions to the creator and these decisions will add to the overall look of the project. We…

milwaukee cordless tools, milwaukee battery, milwaukee m18

Milwaukee REDLITHIUM HIGH DEMAND M18 9.0Ah Battery

Keep Your Tools Running Until the Job’s Done with the HIGH DEMAND™ Battery Pack #48-11-1890. This advanced power system from Milwaukee can make up to 537 cuts on a single charge using a Milwaukee portable circular saw. The HIGH DEMAND 9.0 Ah battery is compatible with all past and future M18 designs. M18 9.0Ah Battery…

Milwaukee M18 Family

Milwaukee® Tools M18™ Buying Guide

Milwaukee M18 tools are an extensive range of power tools from Milwaukee Tools that combine outstanding proprietary technology, lightweight design, compact stature and rugged, durable construction to provide you with outstanding performance. The range offers unrivaled power, durability and efficiency, which greatly improves productivity. You can work anywhere, even in tight spaces, without compromising on power….

Milwaukee M12 Family

Choosing Milwaukee® M12™ Cordless Tools

The Milwaukee M12 cordless tool range are a subcompact system that allows you to work in confined spaces, or anywhere where space is at a premium. In spite of their comparatively small stature, these tools do not compromise on power or functionality. Rugged and durable, these cordless power tools can withstand the rigors of everyday…

Heated Gear

How To Keep Warm on the Jobsite

Your clients expect the job to get done, despite various weather conditions. It’s critical to keep you and your crew warm enough in the cold season. More than just comfort, proper heating keeps muscles loose so workers can complete their tasks quickly and with better results. It also helps to prevent hypothermia and other health…

Milwaukee FUEL Line Has Unrivaled Power and Performance

Milwaukee cordless tools from Milwaukee tools are professional tools designed with professional contractors in mind. The Milwaukee FUEL line is no exception. The Milwaukee® FUEL™ system puts the most advanced technology in cordless tools in your hands. Milwaukee M12 FUEL and M18 FUEL tools offer increased power and durability, longer life and longer run times because they include not…

Milwaukee ONE-KEY Is The Future Of Power Tool Management

Track and adjust your tool settings with the Milwaukee ONE-KEY wireless mobile application. The Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ system enhances your crew’s performance in a few different ways. The app invites you to change speed and torque settings with on-screen controls. You can create profiles based on your most common requirements and select each one with the touch…